Fobisoft solutions is a software development company that designs IT solutions ranging from; web applications, desktop applications and mobile apps.

Based in Nairobi, Kenya, We strive to understand customers’ needs, design and develop software solutions that satisfy your daily business needs and ensure efficient operations.

The Fobisoft Team strives to create solutions for local and regional businesses through information technology resulting to business efficiency and accountability.

Below are just a few reasons that sets us apart:

  • State-of-the-art products– we promise and deliver only the highest quality end results. Each project, be it a medical, legal or general business, is treated professionally and analytically by our developers obtaining a product or solution that surpasses the strictest tests on efficiency.
  • Efficient Development Process– our diverse experience in the software development industry has sharpened our diligence in ensuring that we interpret all the requirements we receive from our clients and work out the most suitable development approach.
  • Implementation and training- at Fobisoft we believe that every client is unique and therefore we work closely with businesses to ensure that our software serves them best. We offer thorough training of all staff to ensure the client’s business goals are achieved.
  • Technical support- our team offers continuous support during and after installation of a software to ensure that your business effectively runs and that you incur minimal hitches.